Offers Records V.A. Q-Z I-P Compact Disk A-H

21. KAWABATA MAKOTO: Jisetsu” (Acid Mother temple Gold Disc Series – AMCD-019) (CD: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Limited edition numbered this one being 58/100. Rare hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies only Kawabata Makoto solo outing released on his private imprint the “Acid Mothers Temple Gold Disc Series”. This one is numbered as 58/100 and was released in the late nineties, a decade ago. This one is actually one of the best titles In Kawabata's splendid and highly collectible series. Here he embarks to dive into the deep abyss of the sacred drone…..but unlike he has ever done before or after……by utilizing as he called it the acoustic drone machine, being the sruthibox. Very minimal and mind-lifting in its execution, “Jisetsu” can be seen as a further deployment of the Toho Sara aesthetic. This is just too good, one of my all time favorite Kawabata releases. Descending the abyss and back again to embark on deep space travel, all in the span of one drone improvisation excursion. Highly recommended. Price: 40 Euro
22. KITO MIZUKUMI ROUBER: “Boseki Ni Tatazumu KMR” (Papa Records – Parec-801) (Sealed). New splinter project of two Aburadako and Yoshida of Hasegawa Shizuo or if reverted a splinter project by the two guys of Hazegawa Shizuo and one Aburadako member. Either way you look at it works fine. New outfit of demented Tokyo underground freaks shedding off another musical project. Self describing themselves as a dance band that sips lots of tea, the music comes over as a free form improvisation jam stuffed with a lunatic basket case vocalist howling through the sonic warfare while the rest of the sounds cave in all around you. A cataclysmic listening experience that in a way reminds me of dance contest band performing solely for mentally retarded and motoric handicapped and spastic convulsion plagued space aliens hopping around on one limb. Jad Fair could be a member musically spoken! Still that does not cover the whole load; at times the sonics are carefully crafted out, balanced but never without a fun factor and faint demonic twist shimmering through. So a new act you should watch out for if Tokyo underground rock that defies all categorization is your thing. Recommended. SOLD
23. KURIHARA MICHIO: “Sunset Notes” (Pedal - PDL-0502) Stellar first solo adventure of former White Heaven and Stars lysergic guitar wonder Michio Kurihara. Comprised out of 9 tracks, Kurihara proves that he has more up his sleeve than merely being an extremely gifted guitar wonder. Here, he puts on display his song craftsmanship and it surely stunned me. Kurihara sounds utterly mature, well-structured and exciting compositions spared from guitar frivolics and instead focusing on the image of the composition. He gets assisted by the rhythm section of Yura Yura Teikoku (Shibata Ichiro), Peace Music and Pedal Records spearhead Nakamura Souichiro and Ishihara You and Aso Ai who both breath some songs into being. This album grows on you the more you lend your ear to it and is, according to these humble ears, already one of the top 5 albums for 2005. Ultimate highest recommendation. This recording is stuff of legends and a rare occurrence of beauty that will not happen every fortnight). Price: 16 Euro
24. LAIS: “The Ladies Second Song” (Bang) (Sealed). Laïs was born in 1994 - a group of three girls singing songs that grew straight from their Flemish folk roots and evolved with them through their own unique sound. Jorunn Bauweraerts, Annelies Brosens and Nathalie Delcroix have sculpted their own path, taking risks and finding exciting new ways to present themselves. With ‘The Ladies' Second Song' – their fourth album – Laïs have surprisingly embarked on a new direction, far removed from their previous albums and now steeped in a healthy tradition of avant-garde induced sounds ala Univers Zero, acid folk touches, psyched-out notches and ethereal female vocals. Apart from penning their own lyrics they have also picked up some words from such greats as W.B. Yeats, Paul Verlaine and Pablo Neruda to work with instead. In order to craft out their new and intoxicating sound they got assisted by Dan Lacksman (from Telex) who did the mixing and together they worked on something new and innovative. The new dimensions of their latest record stem also from the musicians that they are now working with. These talented players have backgrounds in pop, avant garde, rock, country and ska music. They are Elko Blijweert on guitar (Dead Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz, OW), Bjorn Eriksson (ex-Zita Swoon, Maxon Blewitt, The Partchesz) on guitar & electronics, Jeroen Stevens (I Love Sarah, Black Cassette) on drums and Filip Vandebril (Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra) on double bass. With this fresh sound under their belts the band has yet again found a place in the new international folkscene. This new folk genre sees a revival that leads to the discovery of forgotten artists like Karen Dalton, Vashti Bunyan and Judee Sill and sees similarities in the artists of today, such Devendra Banhart, Coco Rosie and Joanna Newsom who make up a whole new wave of folk talent. Laïs has a great future within this vivid and experimental folk scene. Their voices have become mature, their music has a lot more depth and their appeal is undoubtedly (and more than ever!) universal. Easily the most surprising new record I have heard this year, filled with awesome arrangements that swirl all over the place, angelic female vocals cascading out of the speakers and blotting out the sun with their lysergic twists and turns, killer riffage, acidic touches, demented shape-shifting patches and much more. One of the best female “psych” folk albums since nitwit critics began banging out and inventing scenes like weyrd folk, new weird Americana and other thrift store labels. This disc is awesome and will ill you with awe. One of the best – if not THE best – album of 2007. Price: 20 Euro
25. LAPORTE, JEAN-FRANCOIS: “Mantra” (Metamkine – MKCD-028) (Mini CD and gatefold paper Sleeve jacket are in Near Mint Condition). This disc rocks and I know of no one better to hail it to its true potential then the lovely people at Aquarius Records. They nailed this one spot on. “When one of our friends told us about this little cd containing an experimental piece using the sounds of a Zamboni, we got very very excited. A Zamboni! (That's that unusual machine that resurfaces the ice in hockey rinks.) Upon hearing it, we were even more thrilled, 'cause it's an amazing 20 minute drone work! And practically everyone who works here has bought one by now...This cute 3" cd, released through Metamkine's esteemed 'Cinema Pour L'Oreille' series of electro-acoustics and musique concrete, contains one track, "Mantra", which opens with a trio of motors starting up and emitting a gentle purr. As these engines warm up and shift through various perfunctory cycles, a wide spectrum of metallic vibrations slowly spins through the stereo field. While it would be nice to believe that these movements coincide with a Zamboni circling a really nice binaural microphone, it's more likely that Laporte exercised his artistic license with a judicious use of crossfading and stereo panning upon his field recordings. As the disc draws near its end, it sounds as if a screw or bolt is loosened by the vibrations and two pieces of metal begin a clamorous bell-ringing arrhythmia. When these motors finally are shut down, those pieces of metal still resonate for a beautifully sustained coda. Back to the Zamboni issue: we'd been told by 'reliable' informants (Loren Chasse who heard about it from Ferarra Pan who heard it on Scot Jenerik's radio show) that the source material for Jean-Francois Laporte's "Mantra" was a Zamboni. As the liner-notes (all in French mind you) indicate that Laporte incorporated the sound of an air compressor from an ice-skating rink, it didn't rule out the possibility that indeed that air compressor could belong to a Zamboni, but it didn't actually say anything about Zambonis. (Are they even called Zambonis in France, anyway?) As you can tell, we Aquarians like the Zamboni and would really like to believe that the Zamboni was responsible for this album. Thus, we contacted the label, who merely sent us an English translation of the original liner notes, which again stated the source material to be an air compressor. Thus, we are left to ponder the quandary: is it or is it not a Zamboni? Putting this grand existential question aside and the true origin of the source material out of sight for the moment, what's true is that Laporte has indeed sculpted one of the most compelling drone compositions that we've encountered in quite some time. For loyal readers of these lists, that's no idle comment as artists like Organum, Jonathan Coleclough, Mirror, John Duncan, and Francisco Lopez still rank highly for us in the pantheon of dronescapers. Not only as working model but also as a something of belief system, Jean-Francoise Laporte applies the ideals of the mantra to the urban landscape. To him, the hypnotic audio elements of refrigerators, motorcycle engines, and in this case the Zamboni / air compressor rise above their mundane properties to become something that can be meditated upon and hold transcendent properties. A very, very nice recording, Zamboni or not. Even if you don't normally buy all the weird, droney experimental stuff we recommend, you might want to take a chance and try this out. After all, it's only 20 minutes out of your day and eight bucks. And, maybe it's a Zamboni!” (Aquarius Records). Right ON !! A Minimal music classic…..Price: 35 Euro
26. LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY: “Blorp Esette” (Transparancy – 0022) (4 CD Set: Near Mint/ Double CD Case: Near Mint/ Thick Booklet: Near Mint). Long out of print deleted box issue of the legendary LAFMS. First collector’s edition issue from 1999 and not the trimmed down later issue. Massive four-CD of the Los Angeles Free Music Society's late-'70s/early-'80s compilation records, with almost three hours of new material, this offering amounts to a retrospective of the scraggly nascent L.A. audio art scene's skronks, bleats and scratchy loops in the studio and live at the first Doo-Dah Parade. Compiled by Ace Farren Ford and Rick Potts, "Blorp Esette" is technically a reissue, except nobody ever heard the originals and half the material is previously unreleased. Including tracks from Smegma with Wild Man Fischer, the Reverend Toad-Eater, the Doo Dooettes, Henry Kaiser, Joe Potts, the South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble and long-unavailable album art by Captain Beefheart, the collection basically lays out the parameters for what has become a burgeoning subculture of unsupervised and as yet illegitimate artistic fecundity as well as being a sound document of a specific cultural moment.” In the late seventies, early eighties, the LAFMS released two volumes of "Blorp Esette". Both albums were compilations (samplers) of alternative, experimental, outsider music from and around Los Angeles—and both albums featured Don Van Vliet artwork. This sprawling and vastly extended reissue of the L.A. Free Music Society state of the union (originally issued as two separate LP's) contains a dizzying wealth of essential material for LAFMS obsessives, not least some 20+ minutes of otherwise unavailable Smegma material, along with nearly an LP's worth of work by Smegma's Ju Suk Reet Meate (whose LP from the period was just reissued on Destijl). Beyond that, I'll refrain from parsing this massive document point for point, its immense significance really speaks for itself. Apart from the assorted Van Vliet images used on the labels and covers there is also another Beefheart connection ... one of the many musicians taking part was Richard (Midnite Hatsize) Snyder, bass player and guitarist with the Magic Band. Price: 30 Euro
27. MABUKI JUNKO: “Ai no Dorei ~ Slave Of Love” (Tiliqua Records – TILAR-5010) (Mint copy). One copy back in stock of this Tiliqua release that sold out in only one week. A new installment in Tiliqua's seemingly never-ending “Erotic Oriental Sunshine” series brings you this time the first re-release of Mabuki Junko's sole recorded artifact “Ai no Dorei”, originally released as a cassette-only by Victor Records back in 1980 as part of their “Yoru no Driver” series tapes. The series was designed specifically to target the sexually frustrated, long-distance trucker demographic in order to bring them a little erotic aural companionship on those grueling overnight hauls. Junko appeared on the scene of hardcore bondage and S&M flicks after Tani Naomi had thrown in the towel and with she would be the last of the big screen porn and S&M stars to emerge during Japan's Golden Age of Roman Porno. She was especially great in S&M movies such as “Showa Erotica – Bara no Kifujin”, “Dan Oniroku – Hakui Nawa-Jigoku” and “Onna-biyôshi: Nawa-shiiku” and her on screen presence caused Dan Oniroku to dub her as “if Tani Naomi is the Marilyn Monroe of the SM scene, then Mabuki Junko is its Ingrid Bergman”. Junko solely recorded at the height of her short-lived career the tape “Ai no Dorei”, which is possibly the most perverted and sexually deranged recording ever to be released. “Ai no Dorei” is built on a lush instrumental carpet of covers of famous enka tunes, upon which Mabuki Junko rolls and writhes, enacting hardcore BDSM fantasies, perversions and degenerate sexual dramas for her lonesome big-rig listeners. The real draw though is Mabuki Junko's aural evocation of the utterly perverse and degenerate sexual actions, as she journeys deep into the depraved depths of hardcore bondage, lesbian S&M, golden showers, torture, suspension bondage, and master-slave relationships. A little knowledge of the Japanese language reveals “Ai no Dorei” as truly one of the most filthy and sexually disturbing recordings ever to be released. Mabuki delivers it all with no lack of conviction. Due to the triple X-rated nature of its contents, Victor Records refrained from releasing this historical gem on vinyl, thus confining its existence to gas station and truck-stop cassette racks. For the same reason and in order to escape domestic morality claims, Tiliqua decided to keep a low profile and release this gem as a limited edition CD only, LIMITED to 500 COPIES only.Comes housed in a sturdy hard card mini-LP styled gatefold sleeve depicting a bound up Mabuki Junko miniature poster. Digitally remastered from the original master tapes and graced with faithfully reproduced artwork and obi. Comes with 4 pages of extensive liner notes. SOLD
28. MAGICAL GARDEN: “S/T” (There – TRCD-01) (CDR: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Magical Garden is Rinji Fukuoka (guitar, vocal, moog oscillator) and Akira Yamanouchi (guitar) of Overhang Party. This CD has 2 long tracks, the first is a heavy guitar psych improvised piece and the second is a composition with vocals written by Rinji. Recorded in October 2002. Recommended! Price: 20 Euro
29. MAGICAL POWER MAKO: “Hapmoniym 1972 ~ 1975” (Mio Records – MIO-001-005) (5 CD Set: Mint/ Box: Mint/ Individual CD cases: Mint/ Individual obis: Mint). Limited release to 500 copies, this being 363/500. Price: 200 Euro
30. MAITREAYA KALI: “Apache/ Inca” (Shadoks Music) (2 CD Set: Mint/ Jacket: Excellent). Maitreya Kali is actually Craig Smith, at one point one of the key members of California folk-rock band the Penny Arkade. Later down the line after an acid trip too many and having bummed all through Asia, Smith returned back to the States around 1971/72 and released these two albums whose sounds was spiked with and influenced by mystical psychedelia dosed up with a healthy whiff of American roots and even a dash of some country & western. The result is a wide variety of songs, impregnated with a loner/ basement kind of feel and injected with primitive guitar distortion licks, sunny seaside Californian harmonies and tons of jangly, amplified country folk twang. The whole affair breathed out a doped up sensitive but fragile acid folk vibe, beautiful vocalizations, all delivered with a stunning burned out feeling. Prehistoric shimmering country rock numbers pop up here and there, counter-flanked by confused acid jams and carefree honest lyrics. In short a Californian deep Psychedelic loner disc, filled with slowly burning acid leads, mystical undertones, swirling caveman like effects, subterranean vibe hovering through it all and of course without ever loosing that stoned and wasted feeling you all like. SOLD
31. MARBLE SHEEP & THE RUN DOWN SUN'S CHILDREN: “Old From New Heads” (Captain Trip – CTCD-002) (CD: Mint/ Obi & Booklet: Mint). Price: 30 Euro
32. MARBLE SHEEP & THE RUN DOWN SUN'S CHILDREN: “Whirl Live” (Captain Trip – CTCD-004~5) (2 CD Set: Mint/ Booklet and Cae: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Price: 40 Euro
33. MB: “Archeo MB Box 2” (Alga Marghen) (5 CD's: Mint/ Massive amount of Inserts and reproductions: Mint/ Carton Box Set: Mint). “Looking back at the manic output of Maurizio Bianchi (MB) with dozens of private edition LPs and cassettes from 1979 - 1984, it is arguable that his catalogue of 'pre-apocalyptic' industrialisms is an aural diary of psychological distress on par with someone like Jandek. Bianchi's work reveals the existential crisis of a frustrated nihilist whose explorations of cultural, religious, and semiotic collapse brought him closer to God. 
In 1984, Maurizio Bianchi released his last album and dropped out of sight. From what little contact he kept with his musical past, a myth circulated that he became a Jehovah's Witness, which appeared to be an absurd fate for this practitioner of negativity. However, this myth revealed itself as fact when he resurfaced in 1998 to release two ephemeral yet wholly uninteresting new age records filled with gilded spiritual imagery. At this time, Bianchi began remastering his earliest work and reissuing these albums through Alga Marghan. "Archeo MB 2" is the second set of reissues from the MB archives, collected as a 5cd set with the albums "Das Testament," "Endometrio," "Carcinosi," and "The Plain Truth," and "Armaghedon." Where the first set is a violent display of neurotic vibrations and deadly electronics, the second is relatively dreamy, albeit retaining the sonic qualities of erratic vertigo and shadowy hallucinations. His suffocating experiments with primitive synths, delay pedals, turntables, and tape machines collapsed in on themselves with an electrocuted obliteration of sound. Out of the ashes of such early albums as "Symphony for a Genocide" and "Neuro Habitat," Bianchi allowed for a structuralism with tentative rhythms and melodies to rise out of the blackened grit on the work found in "Archeo MB 2." Each of the albums found on this box set are available individually; however, the box set features extra artwork (including a really dorky photograph of Bianchi in a red sweater), and a handful of Bianchi's cryptic music critiques. Of all of the dronescapes, noise attacks, and electronic warbles that Aquarius has lavished with critical hyperbole, MB remains at the top of the list in terms of innovation and actualization of metaphor and intent.” (AQ) Long gone and out of print, here you have a pristine dead mint copy. Price: 75 Euro
34. MERZBOW: “Pornoise 1 Kg” (5 Cassette box set – ZSF Produkt/RRR – 1984/1993) (Box: Mint/ Tapes: Mint). Extremely rare 5 tape box set by the king of noise Merzbow. Originally released as individual tapes in 1983, RRR compiled the 5 tapes into a gorgeous box set in 1993. The cover is graced by one of Trevor Brown’s early works of art. The box set itself was released in an edition of 200〜300 copies I believe. It depicts the initial Merzbow period and one of Akita Masami’s most artistic ones, noise and accidental music erected out of a blood-churning racket of various junk, much more punk-primitive than his current work, utilizing tapes, junk percussion, electro-acoustical noise, organ and tape collage alongside his early partner in grime Kiyoshi Mizutani who brings a whole load of tapes, synthesizers, violins and machine noise to the table. Tape titles are the following: A-Penis Art Is Microphone, B-Loop Fuck/Obituary, C-Night Noise White, D-New Karhma, E-Neon Sworm, F-International Velvet, G-Dynamite Don Don, H-De-filement of his Nubile Young Wife, I-Toy 69 and J-Ufo vs British Army. A real killer box, no mistake. Extremely rare to say the least and in perfect condition. It rarely resurfaces these days, if hardly never. So…..Price: 75 Euro
35. MERZBOW/ HANATARASHI/ AGENCEMENT/ THE HATERS & Other Various Artists: “Sexorama – An International Industrial/ Noise Compilation”. (5 Cassette box set – ZSF Produkt/RRR – 1984/1992) (Box: Mint/ Tapes: Mint). Extremely rare 5 tape boxset by the king of noise Merzbow and fellow acolytes. Originally released as individual tapes in 1983 on Masami Akita’s homegrown junk cum label ZSF, RRR compiled the 5 tapes into a gorgeous boxset in 1992. The cover is graced by one of Trevor Brown’s early works of art. The boxset itself was released in an edition of 200〜300 copies I believe. It depicts the initial Merzbow period and one of Akita Masami’s most fucked up sonic abuses as well as contributions by grandiose gutter suckers a la carte such as P16.D4; Hanatarashi; The Haters; Das Synthetische Mischewebe; Toshifumi Kawase; 40318; Falx Cerebri-C1; Die Form; Enhanta Bodlar; K2; Syonibyoto; Sleep Chamber; House Hunt Hussies; Black Hunoure/ Somebody Else; Comando Bruno; NULL; Der Verboten; K; Pax Romana; Pornoise; Controlled Bleeding, Klang; Le Syndicat; Mauthausen Orchestra; NORD; Boubonese Qualk; Etant Donnes; Solmania; Vittore Baroni; N.B.N; Boh Boh; The Gerogerigegege; Tetsuya Fukui; Ardissono Carlo; Sextape; Agencement; Smarsh; Sensugawara; Asmus Tietchens; Toukaseibunshi; Shitengo; The Ponchans; S-Core and NP. This set is an historical as well as brilliant introduction to ravenous noise mongering appetites from around the globe, bringing together in one fantastic box set the pitiless pleasures and perverto-platitudes of the most arcane and near-insane noise practitioners that will influence and rule a whole new scene of noise mongers to come hereafter the following 20 plus years. And while sitting through this set crammed to bursting with zonked loops, snatches of cultural pollution, defiled heavy fuzz-junk obliteration intercourse and vocal spew spunk disguised in the manic cut-up style that enchanted the so beloved early scum/noise internationale, you will come to realize that nothing these days can beat these early time explorers. This is the shit, take no substitutes. Top notch vintage copy, extremely tough score these days, highest possible recommendation. Price: 75 Euro
36. MIMO NO KOTO: “Mabayukuhikaru” (Gyuune – CD95-22) (CD: Mint/ Booklet: Mint/ Obi: Mint/ Case: Excellent). Early Miminokoto release out of 2002, released by the Osaka label Gyuune Cassette in an edition of 400 copies. Long out of print. SOLD
37. MUKAI CHIE: “Songs & Improvisation” (private) (CDR: Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Self released recording by Mukai dating back to 2002 and released in an edition of only a handful of copies and I mean only a handful, which she basically only gave away at friends and relatives. Recorded live at Okayama Pepperland on May 1st, 2002. Price: 40 Euro
38. MUKAI CHIE: “Solo” (Private) (CDR: Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Another self-released gem by Mukai, dating back to 2002 and handed out in an edition of about 15 copies. Ch-Shizu lady goes solo and will intoxicate you for sure with the magical strings of her Kokyuu. Supposedly an edition of 15 copies, I just wonder where the other 14 copies ended up since I can trace not even one back apart from this one. Price: 40 Euro
39. MV/ EE: “Lunar Blues” (Child of Microtones – COM16) (CD: Mint/ Slipcase Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Long out of print edition of only 99 copies housed in a gloriously beautiful jacket. “In the proclaimed year of “Freak Folk,” did Matt Valentine miss the boat? While he did have a scant minute in the sun of Devendra Banhart's Golden Apples of the Sun comp, his two newest slabs (Ragas & Blues and Creek to Creation) came out at the end of the year. Of course that doesn't count the microscopic editions of albums he burned with partner Erika Elder, as well as folks like Dredd Foole, throughout. If you blinked or hesitated on the Paypal trigger, you probably missed ‘em though. Not to mention his Heroine series, wherein he takes tracks from releases such as Lunar Blues and extends them beyond the horizon, sliding the blues beyond the ten-minute barrier. MV & EE did a whopper of an Elizabeth Cotton cover (“Freight Train”) which they then rode out past the plains into the sparkling stratosphere. Consider them dusty old blues 78 dubplates, if cut by François Bayle and John Fahey while sharing moonshine.” (Dusted) Price: 40 Euro
40. MV/ EE: “Livestock Moon Forms – Rural Ragas Vol. 1” (Child of Microtones – COM20) (CD: Mint/ Slipcase Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Long out of print edition of only 99 copies housed in a gloriously beautiful jacket. Price: 40 Euro
41. MV/ EE: “The Light of Cocola Octo Escapes The Golden Dawn of Blues – Rural Ragas Volume Two” (Child of Microtones – COM21) (CD: Mint/ Slipcase Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Long out of print edition of only 99 copies housed in a gloriously beautiful jacket. Price: 40 Euro
42. MV/ EE & The BUMMER ROAD: “We Offer You Guru” (Child Of Microtones – COM 24) (CD: Mint/ Gatefold Letter pressed Jacket: Mint/ Attached Fold Out Liner Notes: Mint). “We Offer You Guru" picks up where the Rural Ragas series (three self-released CD-Rs) left off. MV & EE have created their own distinct sound over the years, and the phrase "rural raga" is the perfect description. While there's a heavy Eastern feel to many of these tracks, it's the otherworldly backwoods nature of them that sets them apart. It's like MV & EE are from another planet and have only seen the countryside of Vermont and the streets of downtown Calcutta. It's a potent mix. At just over an hour in length, "We Offer You Guru" is a overflowing with hypnotic guidance through the afterlife. These 12 tracks act like a teacher, leading you through your spiritual travels. MV & EE float in the sky as protectors. They seem to exist on a plane most people can only dream of. This is music with so many layers and sounds like something you'd hear as you ascended toward the afterlife in Hindu legends. Nothing else on earth sounds like this.” (Sure ‘Nuff blog). Long gone and out of print vital slice of loved folk heroes. Price: 30 Euro
43. MV/ EE & The BUMMER ROAD: “Deep Space Circuit” (Child of Microtones – COM 28) (2 CD Set: Mint/ Triple gatefold Jacket: Mint). live recordings from the freak folk big band on tour. Price: 40 Euro
44. THE MV EE MEDICINE SHOW: “The Suncatcher Blossoms A Nova And Is So Grateful It Is No Longer Willing To Dark The Sun” Child of Microtones – C.O.M. 22) (CD/ Cardboard Slipcase and Insert are Mint). Long gone edition of only 99 copies and as essential as all the others. Price: 40 Euro
45. THE MV EE MEDICINE SHOW: “Moon Jook” (Child of Microtones – C.O.M. 13) (CD/ Cardboard Slipcase and Insert are Mint). Privately released issue of again the standard 99 copies. Essential. Price: 40 Euro
46. NARITA MUNEHIRO: “Ether – Solo Electric Guitar Works” (aRCHIVE25) (CD: Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint). Long out of print guitar pyrotechnics psychedelic facemelter. “Guitarist in the currently dormant band, Highrise, Narita Munehiro presents two live sets of solo electric guitar improvisation on this disc. Munehiro goes for a Hendrix at Woodstock vibe with these lengthy, unaccompanied, psych-heavy guitar solos – both saturated in retro effects and screaming sustain as he races through bluesy pentatonic licks. The first solo, ‘Sublimation' sees Munehiro coaxing a wide breadth of different styles out of his instrument, from spacious melodic phrases to arcing string bends whilst the second piece, ‘Velocity' is all about pulsing stadium rock feedback and racing through 32nd notes like a psychedelic Yngwie Malmsteen. It's what Jack Black might refer to as a ‘face melter'. Awesome. As with the other Archive releases, this is both lavishly packaged and painfully limited.” (Boomkat) Price: 30 Euro
47. NIRVANA: “All Of Us Japan Only 3 CD Slipcase Box set” (Island – Universal Music Japan) (3 CD Set: Mint/ 3 Separate MINI-LP styled cardboard jackets: Mint/ 3 Obis: Mint/ Inserts: Mint/ Outer Slip case Box set: Mint). Extremely limited Japan ONLY 3 CD slipcase deluxe box set that puts together the complete output of the UK pop-psych outfit Nirvana, being “All Of Us”, “The Story of Simon Simopath” and “To Marcus III”. Box set saw the light of day in 2006 and was released in an edition of only 300 copies. Looks amazing and sounds killer. Price: 100 Euro
48. OVERHANG PARTY: “Otherside Of” (Pataphysique Records – DD-008~009 EP-1) (2 CD's Near Mint/ 7 Inch: Near Mint/ gatefold Sleeve: Near Mint/ Obi: near Mint). This underground Tokyo psych rock ensemble presents an extensive but freakin' great live document, recorded at shows from '95 to '99, including two tracks from their 1999 US tour that for some reason they couldn't fit on either of the two cds in the package but had to press on 7" vinyl, also included! Limited, numbered, all that. Overhang Party is a guitar duo augmented with guests like Tokyo underground superstar psych guitarist Michio Kurihara (ex-White Heaven, now of Ghost) and former Fushitsusha drummer Ikuro Takahashi. They produce gorgeous psychedelic guitar freak-out storms to match those from your most stoned Neil Young fantasy. Fans of that sort of thing, and those already into the PSF-documented "Tokyo Flashback" scene (High Rise, Fushistusha, Marble Sheep, Shizuka, etc.) should serious consider getting this. Long gone and out of print limited edition, complete with vinyl 7 inch. Essential. Price: 50 Euro