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26. KESSEL, BARNEY: “Feeling Free” (Contemporary/ King Records – SR-3066) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Mint). Rare Japan original first press issue form 1970 all complete with obi. Guitarist Barney Kessel recorded regularly for the Contemporary label during 1953-1961, one gem after another. In 1969 he returned to Lester Koenig’s label for this lone effort, a quartet set with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, bassist Chuck Domanico, and drummer Elvin Jones. The music is fairly free, particularly Kessel’s four originals (which include "Blues, Up, Down & All Around" and "Two Note Samba"). Even Paul Simon’s "The Sounds of Silence" and "This Guy's in Love With You" are turned into reasonably creative jazz by the all-star group. Although none of the musicians was associated exclusively with the avant-garde (Elvin Jones came the closest but never quite embraced free jazz), they show the influence of the explorations of the era, using aspects of the innovations as a logical way to stretch the jazz mainstream. Fascinating music.” (All Music Guide) Top condition and all complete with hardly seen first issue OBI. Price: 40 Euro
27. KINGFISH: “S/T” (Liberty Records/ Toshiba Records – LLS-80536) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Rare Japan first original pressing from 1976. Comes pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and sounds stellar. Great Bob Weir side project outside his Grateful Dead duties. Price: 20 Euro
28. KISSING SPELL: “Los Pajaros” (Shadoks – Shadoks Music 064) (Sealed Copy). Long out of print and deleted deluxe issue of Chilean psych masterpiece. Price: 40 Euro
29. KYUSS: “Sons Of Kyuss – Demo 1990” (Desert Fish – 6999-02) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Released in 2005 in an edition of 320 copies, numbered – this one being 210/ 320> Comes on clear vinyl. Killer heavy desert dwelling riffage of prime time Kyuss. Price: 45 Euro
30. LACY, STEVE featuring BOBBY FEW & DENNIS CHARLES: “The Flame” (Soul Note – SN-1035) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original Italian only issue that saw the light of day back in 1982. Price: 25 Euro
31. LACY, STEVE & STEVE POTTS: “Live In Budapest” (West Wind – WestWind-011) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original West Germany press issue that came out  in 1988. The material was taken from a live concert that took place on October 11, 1987. These later day Lacy records all came out in small numbers due to his then dwindling popularity, making then these days quite a bitch to dig up. Still, the music is beyond stellar. Price: 25 Euro
32. LACY, STEVE: “Momentum” (Novus – 3021-1-N-B) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Imprinted Inner Sleeve: Near Mint). Original 1987 pressing. Comes with imprinted inner sleeve. On Steve Lacy’s first album for an American label in over a decade, his sextet is heard on four extensive originals by the great soprano saxophonist. The music is complex yet often melodic and, although Irene Aebi takes typically eccentric vocals on two of the songs, the main reasons to acquire this album are for the thoughtful yet unpredictable solos of Lacy and altoist Steve Potts. Price: 25 Euro
33. LACY, STEVE & MAL WALDRON: “Hot House” (Novus – PL-83098) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Scarce Lacy LP record that came out in 1991 when CD issues where ruling the sales and vinyl LP’s were totally obsolete. Killer set that brings together two veteran musicians in their prime. Top condition!!! SOLD
34. LALO SCHIFRIN: “Black Widow” (CTI Records/ King Records – GP-3071) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Obi: Mint/ 4 Paged Insert: Near Mint/ Imprinted Picture Inner Sleeve: near Mint). Japan original first pressing from 1976 in absolutely top condition. Funky 70s work from film score maestro Lalo Schifrin – served up with a bit of a disco twist, and plenty of the electric jazz funk elements that were showing up in his soundtracks at the time! Lalo's on keyboards, playing a cool host of electric ones that give the record a nice spacey sound over the top of the funky arrangements – and there's plenty of nice guitar work – either by Eric Gale or John Tropea – which gives the cuts some nice choppy funky bits that drive them a bit harder than you might expect! Titles include an amazing funk remake of "Quiet Village", plus "Dragonfly", "Black Widow", "Baia", "Turning Point", and a version of the "Jaws" theme! Complete copy with 4 paged insert/ imprinted inner and obi. Beautiful! Price: 25 Euro
35. LED ZEPPELIN: “Black Dog b/w Misty Mountain Hop” (Atlantic Records – P-1101A) (EP Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Picture Sleeve: Excellent/ Company Inner Sleeve: Near Mint). Original 1972 Japan only single issue in great condition. Comes housed in great gatefold picture sleeve artwork. SOLD
36. MOBY GRAPE: “Grape Jam” (CBS SONY – SONP-50110) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Very rare Japanese 1st press original yellow label PROMO issue. Moby Grape's self-conscious, but hardly less groovy late 60s excursion into loose, free form and largely instrumental psychedelia – the sweet and therefore appropriately titled Grape Jam! GJ is really a world away from their earlier rock regalia – with superstar special guests Al "How Does It Feel" Cooper and Mike Bloomfield brought in the flesh out the open-ended sounds. The sounds roll from walloping instrumental rock, to bluesier jams, to some driving nearly funky bits! Yellow label PROMO issue. SOLD
37. MURRAY, DAVID: "Recording NYC. 1986" (DIW Records - DIW-8009) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Obi with insert: Mint). Totally vanished Japan only issue that saw the light of day in 1986. Great slide and even better line-up consisting out of David Murray (tenor sax); James Blood Ulmer (guitar); Fred Hopkins (bass) and Sunny Murray on drums. Every record with Sunny Murray in the line-up is a joy and will rock your ass like a jazz bitch in heat. Killer & TOP condition. SOLD
38. OLIVER NELSON: “The Blues And The Abstract Truth” (Impulse Records – IMP-88098) (Record: Near Mint/ gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Impossibly clean and amazing condition high quality Japanese pressing of classic jazz slide with in the line-up Paul Chambers, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Roy Haynes and Freddie Hubbard. Rare Japanese pressing on high quality vinyl in absolutely TOP condition. SOLD
39. OST - JOE DELIA: "Ms. 45" (Death Waltz Records - DW-021) (Clear Vinyl LP: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Heavy Gatefold Jacket: Mint, still housed in original shrink/ Poster: Mint). Long out of print limited issue. **First ever issue of the haunting OST to Abel Ferrara's 1981 exploitation flick** "Incredibly this soundtrack has NEVER been released in any format, we went back to the original master tapes and worked with composer Joe Delia to clean up the original elements. Like Abel Ferrara, Death Waltz Recording Company are not prone to shying away from the more extreme corners of culture, and are delighted to be presenting a true underground classic for the first time ever. Ferrara’s pictures often tread the line between grindhouse trash and art-films with insightful social commentary – and unflinching realism – and MS. 45 is his most notorious film, with much of its power coming from Joe Delia’s grimy yet haunting music. A sparse piano motif initially creates a lonely voice for the (mute) heroine but it’s overshadowed by wailing trumpet, electric guitar, and menacing synths that paint a disturbing musical picture of the world she inhabits. Delia’s music is so great at creating a vivid image in your head and you begin to imagine the grubby streets, the sleazy sex-shops, the leering onlookers, with it building and building until it reaches sensory assault. The instruments sound as violent as the acts on screen, as loud synth stings ring out like gunshots, edgy jazz beats unnerve you, and a repeating brass motif becomes a theme for violence and vengeance – even during the awesome ‘Dance Party’. You may need a shower after listening, but you’ll be right back to play it again and again." Price: 45 Euro
40. PARLAN, HORACE: “Movin’ & Groovin’” (Blue Note/ EMI Music Japan – BLP-4028) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint/ Capsule Obi: Near Mint). “Horace Parlan’s debut album for Blue Note, Movin’ & Groovin’ is a thoroughly impressive affair, establishing Parlan as a distinctive hard bop stylist. Working with bassist Sam Jones and drummer Al Harewood, Parlan steals the show, playing hard-driving, bluesy bop and lyrical ballads. If it weren't for the inventive chord voicings and percussive right-hand attack, it would be impossible to tell that he was missing two fingers on his right hand, since his playing is remarkably agile and fluid. Parlan sounds vital on swinging blues, slow ballads, and straight-ahead bop, and Jones and Harewood provide appropriately empathetic support on this collection of standards, blues, bop, jazz, and originals. Everything swings, no matter the tempo, and the end result is a fine debut from a distinctive pianist.” (All Music Guide). Immediately Out Of Print in the flash of an eyelid…. Japan’s uber-quality super limited deluxe high quality reissue of some of jazz finest titles. All is done with an extreme eye for details – EXACTLY sleeve reproduction up and down to the original coating, texture, label’s first address, choice of carton and paper used for printing – simulating the perfect real-time artifact etc…exact same labels and micro groove deep groove pressing, 200-gram vinyl. The jackets are all imprinted in Japan – hence the almost neurotic perfection of the whole job that makes the jackets identical in thickness and quality of the materials used as to the fist press originals & also they used the same lettering as the originals, all is just state of the art. The vinyl was pressed in the US using the original pressing machine that was used for the originals in order to create the exact same quality of vinyl and sound!!!! Flat edged press and cut from the original master tapes as well. And to close it all of, reproduction of the original inner sleeves and liner notes as well. This borders on the insane as far as near perfection is concerned. Glorious MONO to boot, sold out on the spot. Price: 50 Euro
41. The PATRON SAINTS: “Fohhoh Bohob” (Time Lag Records – Time-Lag 039/040) (Record: Mint/ EP Single: Mint/ Booklet: Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint/ LP Jacket: Mint). Limited and out of print reissue that surfaced in 2007. Deluxe and exact official reissue of one of the rarest & most unique gems of the 60s private press psychedelic underground. Home recorded in a suburban New York living room over just a couple weeks in 1969 by three enthused teenagers, and then self released by the band in an edition of only 100 copies complete with hand assembled covers and booklet insert. Dreams of rock stardom may have faded quickly, but from such humble beginnings these kids totally transcended their limited resources… an album overflowing with naive creativity, huge ideas, deep bedroom mysticism, and more then a hint of stoned teenage humor, not to mention a rather unusual assortment of instruments and some very unconventional but brilliant "studio" maneuvering. two singers/songwriters both with wonderfully deep, poetic & introspective lyrics and unique voices, chiming 12 string & electric guitars, unusually cool use of piano, crude drum kit, autoharp, banjo, tambourine, subtle bursts of fuzz bass, off kilter unison vocals, washes of reverb modulation, weird tape edits, and a seriously one-of-a-kind vibration. There's truly been nothing like it before or since…LP version : highest quality production throughout with better then ever master tape sounds and warm analog mastering, audiophile 180gm vinyl, exact reproduction of the original heavy weight cover with front & back mind-blowingly cool crude black & white art just like the original, exact reproduction of the thick insert booklet with gold printed covers on multiple colors of construction paper. plus a bonus 7inch of two essential tracks intended for the original lp but left off due to time restrictions, complete with colored construction paper picture sleeve and lyric insert. without a doubt, the definitive reissue of this lost masterpiece. released in full cooperation with founding member Eric Bergman. Price: 30 Euro
42. PHAROAH SANDERS Featuring Vocalist Sedatrius Brown: "The Village Of The Pharoahs" (Impulse - IMP-88151" (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Mint). Original first Japanese high quality pressing from 1973, immaculate condition. The sound quality is amazing. SOLD
43. PUIG, MICHEL: "Stigmates" (BYG Records/ Nippon Columbia - actuel 7/ BYG-7) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Rare 1970 Japan first original pressing of rare Actuel title. These babies do only rarely surface all complete with obi and they are pressed on high quality Japanese virgin vinyl, making them sound light years better than their French sister releases. Legendary electric music title. Obi is genuinely rare and hard to find but this baby comes dead cheap. Top condition. SOLD