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62. V.A.: "DAYTONA SPEEDWAY SPORTS CARS- Sound Effects" (Nippon Columbia - PS-1121-AF) (Record: Near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Excellent). original 1965 Japan 1st original pressing of sonic marvel documenting pulsating engines and tailpipe sniffing. Kerosine madness, practice runs, tire squeels, drivers' talk, pit area tune up and other assorted dementia. Great condition of scarce title. Price: 20 Euro

63. V.A./ MUSIQUES DU PAYS LOBI: “S/T” (Ocora Records – OCR-51) (Record: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ Gatefold Sleeve: Near Mint). First original Ocora pressing out of 1970 on the dark blue label. The musical pieces on this record were recorded in March 1961 in the region of Gaoua in South-Wes Upper Volta. The 1st side of the record is devoted to the music of the Lobi, whose xylophone elong, with 14 keys and calabash resonators, is the principal instrument, always used in the important ceremonies of initiation or at funerals. The 2ndside of the disc presents the musics of the Gan, Dagari and Birifor peoples, who are neighbors. Again a stunning collection of bone-chilling African field recordings. Ocora rules! Price: 30 Euro

64. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – ROCKY: “Crystal Streams part 1 & 2” (King Records – SKS-2002) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Excellent/ Insert: Near Mint). Japan ONLY issue, 1977 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – environmental sound recording of running crystal clear streams in the Rocky mountains. Meditation bliss for days on end. Stunning recording quality Toshikazu Tanaka, using a Sennheither MD421 x 2 mike and a Stellavox S-19x1 tape recorder. Price: 40 Euro

65. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – WILD BIRDS: “Yacho No Sekai” (King Records – SKS(H)-2004) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: near Mint). Japan ONLY issue, 1978 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – environmental sound recording of birds in the wild. Meditation bliss for days on end. Price: 25 Euro

66. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – NIAGARA FALLS: “Cosmic Array” (King Records – SKS-2001) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint) Japan ONLY issue, 1977 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – killer sonics of the cascading Niagara Falls, a wall of unrelenting blissful noise that even puts Merzbow to shame!!. Meditation bliss for days on end. Recorded by Toshikazu Tanaka using the Sennheiter MD421 x 2 mike and the Stellavox S-19 x 1 tape recorder. Stunning sound quality!! Price: 45 Euro

67. V.A./ NI HON NO DENSHIONGAKU ’69 - Experimental Music of Japan 1969 (Victor – SJX-1004) (Record: Excellent/Gatefold Jacket: Excellent - has a catalogue seal on back). Original press copy. Well it is hard to believe, but here you have a copy of the much rumored but hardly ever seen Japanese electronic music disc. A couple of lists ago I had the first of the series up for sale and here you have the almost never seen second one in the series. Records documenting those early days of composers avidly splicing tape, trying to figure out those new studio technologies and setting out to map deep space by means of all obliterating bleeps, whooshes, static hissing and white noise are almost impossible to locate. First of all, they were all released in tiny quantities by major labels that regarded the stuff to have little and no commercial potential. In a way it was a tax deduction post on which young and eager composers could create sonic havoc. Next to that, a heavy-duty art-collecting crowd rapidly snapped up copies since prints and silk screens of up adorned most of the discs and coming modern art big names such as is the case with this disc. And the copies that didn’t sell were simply taken out of rotation and destroyed. The music on the other hand is just gorgeous and on of the best electronic experiments ever to be entrusted to vinyl. It is even far better than the first one of this series and sounds more radical and right up in your face. Recorded in the NHK studio (established in 1954, 4 months before the German Cologne Studio) it documents never before or elsewhere released sonic experiments by oncoming mavericks such as Moroi Makoto, Mayuzumi Toshiro, Maki Ishii and Shibata. The compositions here on display date respectively from 1969 (Mayuzumi), 1968 (Ishii), 1968 (Moroi) and 1968 (Shibata). All tracks were recorded and conceived in the legendary NHK studios. This disc contains one of the best electronic music pieces to my ears. Just splendid stuff, only that these babies are hideously rare. Highest recommendation and possibly the best record on this time list. Top-notch copy. Original pressings of this one is seriously rare on these shores.... and again one I can offer below its normal value. SOLD